Super Yacht Re-Fits

The allure of super Yacht refits extends beyond aestetics, encompassing functionality and practicality at every turn.  We meticulously optimize layout designs, maximize storage solutions and prioritize ease of movement to ensure a seamless onboard experience for owners and guests alike.  Every project encompasses beautiful colour schemes in mood boards, options for new furniture and layouts preparation in Auto CAD & 3D visuals/ renders prepared by our in-house professionals, allowing our clients to view the actual captivating spaces come alive prior to commencing works.  We follow up projects in yards, always making sure things are working with precision and in a timely manner.   


Boat Show Styling

Includes a pre-visit to analyse what things need to be changed or items required on board to be purchased.  Measurements are taken, onboard accessories could or could not be used. This initial visit would need to be done at least two months prior the show.  We fly to you if you are not located in Malta.  Or we could set up whilst in Malta take pictures and put all on board and allow the Chief Stew to set up according to the images. It's important to remember that first impressions sell ! 

Seasonal  Yacht Interior Re-Vamp

We come onboard listen to your wishes and suggest from our personal expertise what in our view would need to be done!  Seasonal staging yacht interiors is the process of strategically arranging furnishings and decor to give the yacht a fresh, updated appearance to look its best for the season to follow.  This may involve rearranging of existing belongings, purchasing furnishings or accessories, changing fabrics or ordering new soft furnishings etc... Making the yacht ready for a brand new Season! 

New Bareboat Yacht Accessorizing

We come on board and suggest all items one would require for comfortable & happy cruising.  Specific for yachts though elegant enough for a mansion!  Items which would fit to stow away, which would not damage the boat whilst creating that look and home like feeling.  Our extensive directory of suppliers make it a simple task for you!

Charter Brochure Styling

When having an online virtual charter brochure on your websites or a physical printed brochure, the images are what your charter guests are sold by! 

Sarah comes in and takes note of what items would look great where re-shuffles things around and makes her magic by ordering fresh flowers, working with chefs to have food nicely set up, show casing tables settings and cabins sundecks all to perfection, colour schemes are what catch the eye in a photo, lighting is key though Styling for those perfect photos is our second nature.  

Selling your boat?

You don't need a complete refit before putting your (or your client's yacht) in a show or up for sale, but its worth the time, effort and money to hire a yacht interior designer to make a few simple changes to the interior that will allow you to present the yacht in its best light, encouraging prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the space and visualize the yacht as their own.